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Mala Making Workshop

Mala Making Workshop

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Welcome to this Mala Making Workshop! We start with a meditation / mindfulyoga, and end the session with a yoga nidra. Time: 10-15. 
I intend to share the art of beading and the ancient wisdom of mantra to harmonize mind, body and spirit. To me the process of Mala Making is unique, meditative and inspiring, no piece is ever the same and each mala carries a certain vibration and intention. The stones bring forth the power within an individual to align oneself with their purpose and meaning.
A mala-garland is a tool that has traditionally been used in meditation for thousands of years, where you repeat a mantra to help find a calmer mind and to create a presence within you. They also serve as a daily reminder of what you want to manifest in your life, or an intention that you want to create.
The mala jewelry consists of 108 pearls (and there are many reasons why it is exactly this number), and has a so-called Guru pearl and most often a tassel at the end. After meditating with your mala for a while, you will recognize your pace and rhythm in your mala, and this will help you know how far you have come.
With gratitude and honor I hope you will share this journey with us.
Each bead is a seed of love to the infinite wisdom and oneness that exists within us all 🙏 
Price: 1.500 NOK for the workshop and everything you need to make your unique mala jewelry. It will also be possible to buy extra malabeads, bracelets, mala-kits, sage, palo santo and crystals.

Heart fully welcome, 

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