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Cherry Blossom Agate is the kind of stone you see and fall in love with instantly. It is the stone of dreamers. If you are a person who is goal driven and has high hopes from life, then a cherry blossom agate will keep you striving after them constantly. The rock is known to nurture dreams and manifest them.

The stone is a great encourager of self-growth. Like a seed that grows into a plant that bears flowers that mature into fruits, cherry blossom agates send positive energies to the wearers making them bloom to their full potential.

It erases all traces of fear and self-doubt which often keep us from reaching our maximum. Like a shield, it guards us from our own selves that hold us back and give us the required spurt we need to grow.

Snow Quartz is a stone that brings fortune. It is calming and promotes clarity of mind, and Its gentle energy bring the body into balance.

If you want a custom made bracelet/mala/necklace for yourself or to give away as a gift, send me a mail: 

Beads: Cherry Blossom Agate & Snow Quartz
Size: 8 mm with sterling silver spacer beads
Pendant: Cherry Blossom
Length: 58 cm incl. pendant



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