Here & Now Mala

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This mala is made with silkthread, Mookaite & Rudraksha.
Size: 6 mm.
Guru Bead: Mookaite - 13x18 mm (over the handmade tassel).
Length: 50 cm incl. tassel.

Mookaite is the stone of "here and now", which makes you appreciate the past, enjoys the present, and looks forward to the future. It's a wonderfully supportive stone to go under the surface of emotions to find core problems that create emotional rebellion. It provides a calm and stable state of mind to investigate and release these negative experiences, and inspire trust and desire for new experiences. Mookaite makes it easier to accept change and take a chance without fear. It encourages flexibility by asking for many opportunities in one situation and helping to choose the right one.

Rudraksha is believed to provide good support and security, and stands for happiness and development. It brings the user to the present and it can help you achieve everything you want. Rudraksha is also often thought to symbolize the relationship between heaven and earth. It has cleansing and healing properties. It is said that the person who carries it is considered to be under the protective influence of Rudraksha. Rudraksha means "Tears of Rudra" (Lord Shiva), they are the sacred objects of mysterious powers. The natural electromagnetic property of sacred Rudraksha beads has been shown to improve concentration, focus and mental endurance.

Custom made Mala
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