My Mala Garden offers jewellery for both men & women, made from natural products, loving intention, care and blessings. The beads have been specially selected for their qualities, and they give you the choice to wear the one that brings out the best in you. Each piece is one of a kind. By wearing these loving jewels, you are creating an intention that can bring you healing, joy and transformation.

Your jewellery is personal and it's important that you keep it well. If you choose not to have it on you, you may store it in the small clothing bag, or you can carry it with you to receive the power from the stones. When you take it off, put it down with care. 

Beads can be chosen for their quality, or for their appearance. The finest jewellery for you will be the one you will want to wear, so it is important that you are drawn to it. When you select your piece - follow your heart - let your intuition guide you, or read about the characteristics of each necklace and let your intention decide out from that.

All the jewelries are designed and handmade by Sandra Rappéll in Oslo, Norway. 

Sandra has had love and passion for jewellery making since many years back. She always had an interest for using her hands and heart, and her intention with the jewellery is to create beautiful jewels that is healing in some way. Besides being creative Sandra loves to do yoga, meditate, travel, dance and play music on her turntables :)

“You don’t have to be a yogi or yogini to wear one - but you can be!” 

Give personalised jewellery to yourself or as a gift! Contact My Mala Garden to have it perfectly tailored to your needs!

Any special request: 

Let me know and I will custom make something for you or someone you love.

Out of stock items:
If you want any of the items that are out of stock, let me know. That way I will make something similar. Everything is handmade by me, so sometimes it can take up to 2-3 weeks. 

Tribe of My Mala Garden: 

Be Yoga in Lørenskog, Norway

Bloom Studio in Oslo, Norway

Fri Yoga in Oslo, Norway

Northern Light in Oslo, Norway

Mala Studio in Drøbak, Norway

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With Love from Sandra
My Mala Garden