✨ Spring Equinox ~ Malakurs ~ Feiring av ny begynnelse ✨

VÅRJEVNDØGN. Naturens nyttår! 💛

Hjertelig velkommen til Malakurs på Modaka den 19.3 kl. 16-21 📿

Vi feirer vårens ankomst, naturens nyttår og at jorden blir levende igjen. Dette er en tid for nye begynnelser og vekst. Dette er tida hvor alt våkner til liv. Fargene vender tilbake, lufta fylles med lyder igjen, luktene forandrer seg - og jeg gleder meg like mye over dette hvert år 💚



Every mala is handmade with sacred prayers that are woven into every knot. You can use it for counting your breath, alignment, calming your mind, reciting specific affirmations and healing mantras, and to manifest abundance into your life.


My Mala Garden

My Mala Garden offers jewlery for both men & women, made from natural products, loving intention, care and blessings. The beads have been specially selected for their qualities ~ and they give you the choice to wear the one that brings out the best in you. Each piece is one of a kind. By wearing these loving jewels ~ you are creating an intention that can bring you healing, joy and transformation.

Beads can be chosen for their quality, or for their appearance. The finest jewlery for you will be the one you will want to wear, so it is important that you are drawn to it. When you select your piece ~ follow your heart ~ let your intuition guide you ~ or read about the characteristics of each necklace and let your intention decide out from that.

All of our designs are handmade in Oslo with love and intention.